Network Marketing: How to Psychologically Attract, Convince and Sponsor Customers and New Distributors in your MLM Business

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About us

2001 was the Year!

I was in my 2nd year of my software Engineering degree, when I was first introduced to communication management by one of our faculty Krishnamurthy Sir. You can understand, that a student of computers and technology that I was,the science of complex social skills was alien to me,altogether....

I knew how to develop software programs but miserably failed in building and nurturing relationships. I used to wonder, how could all these famous people who were the controllers of the society, could so very effectively lead men and rule their minds and hearts?

This very idea appeared to me as mysterious as the Bermuda triangle and continued to puzzle me until I met my first mentor Professor Krishnamurthy , when I finally asked him “ Sir,Who is a Leader and how to be one"?

He said “ You need to observe people and learn with time”.There I was, standing with this answer flat on my face, and thence became my journey to explore the new horizons and accomplish the new possibilities within my personality and beyond.

Thus started an unquenchable and relentless thirst for dwelling into the unknown and hidden details of communication, management and leadership.

And with the gradual process of time and my ceaselessly earnest persistence,I happened to discovered a Principle: “Leadership Starts Within. Not Without”.

Finding this Logic was just like diving out a priceless pearl from the bosom of the ocean. And indeed pearl will I say, for it is truly a pearl of wisdom which has been a firming agent in shaping my character and conduct and stylizing my thoughts.

You see, leadership is like an oceanic circle which starts within. And with proper nurture, affection and cultivation it gathers momentum and generates an electro-magnetic affect around the individual which can impress the intellect and minds of people. Not only that, if one follows the correct process, it will move the hearts of individuals and transform their character and behavior.

But we need to carefully understand one very fine point of it. For leadership that is based on impressing the mind or that leadership sprouting out by virtue of anything material or position, is temporary, for mind is ever fickle and matter is eternally transient.

True Leadership must touch the fine chords of the heart of an individual and only than it will be a sustaining force which will brave the dark and stormy nights.

Nevertheless, we got to understand that ONE factor that shapes and defines our personality 360 degrees...

And in Leadership3000BC we will teach you just that. All you will need is a will to Re-design, Re-structure, Re-Engineer, Re-Package and Re-Market yourself, just like all the great and successful personalities of history(and the modern business world) ever did.

In Leadership3000BC we teach you many forgotten and yet multifaceted (and Super Powerful)aspects of ancient leadership which will transform your thoughts absolutely, and I bet,once you learn these untold mysterious secrets ,you will start to see and believe yourself from a total different perspective which I am sure, you have never thought of in your wildest imaginations.

So, why wait? Come and join us in our combined endeavor in re-discovering ourselves. And not only prove our worth to the world but also ourselves.

About Me!

Fresh out of college, with a degree in software engineering (out of all things) and I joined Reliance Telecom in the sales department in Mumbai.

There I met a man called Abraham who will instill in me the knowledge of direct marketing,selling,closing tactics, advertising and copywriting .A very passionate and hardworking guy he was, who has lived in the hard trenches of the sales and marketing field of Mumbai,for long.

A few years down the line, and I got back to my software domain. Working as a developer and business analyst in a company called and interacting with clients, getting to know their psychologies, attitudes, tastes and perception gave me a better understanding of the Leadership psyche as a whole. I learnt that we all have a leadership trait. And as a leader we need to identify that attribute , define it, learn the Why, What, Where, How of it and then capitalize at this knowledge to smoothen the self- management process.

I read about 50 books a year or more and listen extensively to audio tapes.

The mysteries of the human brain have always fascinated me, and I learnt that almost every decision is based on the ego factor. I love reading the works of Edward De Bono on lateral thinking, Carl Jung on Psychology and Zig Ziglar on Sales. They are the masters in their respective fields.

Dad was a Teacher, Mom was a teacher, Grand Father too…

Every information I provide through news letters, books or any other medium is distilled and structured. Teaching runs in my blood. It’s a family thing you see... Dad is a lawyer too and I have learnt from him some of the untold tactics of client management and client retention. Most of my cousins are into sales and marketing and I thank them for helping me sharpen my marketing acumen.

Software guy and a Trainer?

Sounds a little off track, doesn’t it? True, but there is something called satisfaction. Marketing, Human Psychology ,Leadership and all the relevant communications orbiting them gives me the real kick.The concepts of selling to the human mind and decision making pattern of the brain have remained constant throughout millions of years and will continue to be the same for the next millennium. I have been through thick of the leadership and office politics crowd and have got my own insights into the subjects which I love. And I take pride on it. I like to keep my clients well informed as to what is going on in the market and am pretty approachable. But don’t take my word for it, you can read some of the testimonial that you will find browsing through the website and then take your own judgmental decision.

I hope you enjoy this site.


Neilh M Gautam, MSc(Software Engineering),MBA(Marketing and HRM),PG.Dip. (Mahatma Gandhi Studies).


About The Company


Power: A mysterious force, that everyone desires to own. Some go too far and lose it all, and yet some play the game just right.

 And the person who will exercise True power is the one who is in control. In other words: The Alpha Leader!

Welcome to!  Empower Your Personality. Impact New possibilities.

My name is Neilh Gautam and I am the creator of this project. And I thank you for showing your interest in this mystifying subject called: Leadership.

Now, If you have clicked on this website, thinking it to be another hyped and so called ordinary Personality Development and Leadership program that you find in the market, then you are most definitely wrong.

If you think of Leadership3000BC as platform to stylize your thoughts and a Research Lab, where in you can scientifically Re-Structure and Re-Engineer yourself, then you probably grasp what we are talking about.

You see, Leadership3000BC is based on 5000 years old untold  Psychological Secrets of Leadership and Management which have been successfully tried and tested since time immemorial.

It is not a program which enthralls you with flashy and splendorous lectures, teaching you how to wear a suit and a tie perfectly and walk like a celebrity, but rather, an insightful curriculum that will systematically train you up on how to program your Brain to think strategically and arm you with intellectual and spiritual weapons to win the game of life.

In short: We build you up from within.

What if I don’t want to become a Leader?

Well, that’s a though that might shadow your growth!

For in every experience of life, we need to exercise Leadership and Management.But, we run into trouble when our Leadership is misguided and mismanaged.

And In Leadership3000BC, we will teach you those exact skills which the Heroes of History have learn, practiced and applied and turned themselves into Power Personalities. And trust me; armed with such dramatic knowledge, your perception of life will change altogether, forever.

So if you are new to this website where to start?

Well then, what I encourage you to give us a call or drop us an E-mail. We will respond to you and we can then start our journey together.

Moreover, if you've got any questions about this website, then please do feel free to drop me a line on the feedback form on this website.

Otherwise, I look forward to speaking to you again, later on through this website.

Thanks a lot! 

For Reproduction,please contact me personally.
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