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Faculty Development Programmes for Faculty Members

Faculty Development Programme
   Teaching : A noble profession for creating a conscious society

To help the participants make teaching: Informative, Interesting and Inspiring


  • Teaching- an indepth idea
  • Teaching and training -The Difference
  • Teaching Style Assessment¬†
  • How to Inspire Students
  • 29 ¬†Secret Skills for Conducting an Effective Classrom Session
  • The 15 mistakes most teachers make and How to identify and rectify them?
  • Suasion in¬†Persuasion for Teachers

Methodology: Lecture, Discussions, Instrument, Games, Role plays and Presentations

  "A teacher who establishes rapport with the taught, becomes one with them, learns more from them than he teaches them. He who learns nothing from his disciples is, in my opinion, worthless. Whenever I talk with someone I learn from him. I take from him more than I give him. In this way, a true teacher regards himself as a student of his students. If you will teach your pupils with this attitude, you will benefit much from them." - Mahatma Gandhi


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