Network Marketing: How to Psychologically Attract, Convince and Sponsor Customers and New Distributors in your MLM Business

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Do you at times suffer from an inferiority (or superiority) complex?

It is very easy to say that you suffer from low self-esteem, insecurity, failure or fear. Also it is true that these factors kill your confidence and destroy your focus. However, the point is not that. Although these things are a disease, but they are not the main one. They are the repercussion, but the prime cause is something else. And this hidden cause encircles and entangles us like the coils of a rattle snake. Just like the poisonous venom of the rattlesnake, these sicknesses called low self-esteem, low self-confidence, insecurity or powerlessness sprout out from the root  cause.

Even as, how a little key can open a huge door, discovering the root problem which catapults the inferiority complex in you, will shun all the possibilities of it forever... The more you will realize it, the more stronger and more confident you will become from within. And the more confident you will be, the more power you will generate. And true power radiates magnetic personality.

And in Leadership5000BC we are gonna give you not just a training, but Guided Training. In essence, we will not give you the fish, but teach you how to fish. For once you learn the tactic of channelizing your thoughts; the ball will be in your court to stay!

If you are struggling to think clearly, or don’t know how to express yourself, than this is the right platform where you should knock the door.

Our trainings are not some hastily cooked up food. Every information that we will provide you is synthesized and distilled backed by a sheer multi-dimensional experience. But what all we want from you is your sincerity and surrender to a teacher. Just as heat flows from higher to lower, unless you surrender to your trainer, who is giving you ethical and intellectual delight, you cannot relish the true taste of realized knowledge.

But you are a young company?

Absolutely true (and the better!) Because this Youngness is also powered by 10+ years of sincere and insightful research work and practical study (and still continuing) coupled with the flare of modern expression.

I guarantee you will not forget the assimilated experience.

Introducing Leadership3000BC-The Stand Out Course

The¬† Stand Out¬†¬†course is not a so-called fly-by-night personality Development program. It is very systematically designed and engineered to impact your overall personality in sub-atomic detail from within (For Leadership begins within). And ‚Äėengineered‚Äô did I say, even as our training is based on a Systematic Thought Process. You will discover gems which I bet you would never have imagined of in your wildest thoughts. Not only that, we will teach you how to do a complete Re-Analysis of your own-self, something which very few trainers know of.

What you will learn in this course
1. Image Improvement: (and Why It is so important?)

Your image is your mental representation. Of course ,the superficial attributes like your dressings, attire and body language matter, but deep down ,the primary pre-requisite is to attain a stabler mind(for the mind is ever fickle).

  • We will teach you the hidden secrets on how to train your mind and make it stable.
  • You will learn how to develop your over all personality.
  • How to develop yourself as a Brand !
  • How to re-condition your over all body language, grooming and vocal
  • How to combine all these elements to project an image of capability and leadership in all your business and social dealings?
  • How to create your Brand Identity that enhances your Brand Image?
  • How to project the right image that enhances people‚Äôs perception of you as a Leader?
  • How to project the right image in the interview room?
  • Tip to Toe Grooming, Self-Image Enhancement, Poise, Charm and Personality aspects.
  • How to create and develop that Magnetic Personality that attracts everybody to you? (This one piece of information is itself can be a turning point of your life!)
2. Confidence Booster :
  • How to build that never-say-die attitude?
  • Discover the forces that shape up your confidence?
  • How to Build that enviable genuine confidence that mesmerizes anyone?
  • How to carry your confidence confidently at work and everywhere you go?
3. Body Language:
  • Learn how to use Facial Gestures, Hand Gesture and Positive Signals to express your message.
  • Learn how to use all your verbal and non-verbal communications smart and effectively.
  • Learn the Art of effective dressing.
  • Also a special Airline Grooming Training will be provided to give you insights of the Aviation Industry.
4. Communication:
  • You will learn how to express your thoughts clearly(and effectively)
  • You will learn how to smartly influence and win friends
  • You will learn the never-told art of connecting with any person within a few moments.
  • You will learn how to modulate your voice and speak clearly like a professional.
  • You will learn how to speak Business English
  • You will learn the art of presenting yourself in public.
  • You will learn how to speak with authority
  • And most interestingly, you will learn how to underline your presence
5. 360 degrees Leadership :

Remember that the degree of your leadership will determine whether people will respect you (or NOT).In this course, you will learn

  • What are the powers that arm you as a Leader?
  • You will discover whether you have the Leadership trait in you? And if not, how to culture and grow it to the fullest?
  • How to Influence others with your thoughts and ethical ideals.
  • How to lead a group?
  • Case studies of various Influential heroes of history from Napoleon to Gandhi and also careful analysis of the ancient leaders from the epic Mahabharata and Ramayana (You will be astonished to know these facts. I challenge!)
  • The qualities of an effective and enlightened Leader; and how to evaluate your own leadership strengths and development needs?
  • You will learn the different styles of leadership and when to apply them and much much more‚Ķ

Not only this, most importantly, you will learn, How to THINK (rather Think Clearly!).For all I want is to be the helmsman who will steer your ship of success in life and beyond…

Wishes and Regards

Neilh M Gautam


And yes

It doesn't end here, there are much more stuffs that you will learn in the entire course filled with real life examples,monster information and cases studies.See it for yourself how advertising gurus big or small have all used in these secrets into their campaigns.



The Starter Book

network marketing


  • 50 common words to be avoid like a plague that might break your Deal! (and Why?)

  • Surprising Facts-such as how sitting next to the person at the head of the table puts you in a weak position (and where to sit instead).

  • 12 Real World strategies for Non-Verbal communications.Beware of the 25 Non-Verbal pitfalls of body language that might prove costly!

  • The 4-Step formula for building a Sound Customer Base.



What if I don't like the course?


Well,We understand the value of your hard earned money.And also,we certainly respect your time.

Therefore what better way can we give you an assurance for your investments than by offering you a 100% money back Guarantee(not Warrantee).We are proud to say that if you are not satisfied with our training programs,then we offer you a Complete Money Back Refund within one year.Yes,that's 365 days.It's your choice.Your discretion.

We pride ourselves on getting things right.That doesnot mean we are perfect.But when we make mistakes,we fix them.

And more so,I donot allow any failures to demotivate me and destroys my focus. Because: When I Win, I Win, And When I lose, I Learn. 


Please Note:

We Design and Deliver Custom Made Training Programs.



 Warm Regards,


Neilh M Gautam

P.S: Every day you are struggling to find out the way to crack the code in your Life and Business. Here is your opportunity to get the keys to the kingdom and discover a life of Steadfast Wisdom and Leadership. And here is your opportunity to end your woes of running around here and there,to find a reliable(and effective) training and consultancy platform.

And don' forget you are covered by our 100% double guarantee. If our courses donot help you in your business and life, I'll be happy to return you your hard earned money, back with a smile. Return this course within the 365 days of your purchase for a complete refund. 

Worries? Questions?Rants?

Should you have any concerns or questions, feel free to mail me directly and I will be glad to assist you with. Just let me know how I can help. If there is anything that I can do, I surely will. I will appreciate your feedback. Your feedback is strictly confidential.



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